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This trail maintenance log is designed to collect information regarding ongoing trail maintenance efforts by members of clubs and individuals. Please take the time to fill out the logs. Do it from your cell phones when you get back to the truck or from your computer when you get home. This will only work if the information is current!

This information will provide the basis for the trail status report. It should help to alleviate confusion about what’s been cleared and help everyone to plan their trips accordingly. Often times the Trail Rangers will show up and head up a trail only to find that it’s already been cleared. This equates to time lost that could have been spent on another trail. These logs will also provide a record of who’s doing what so that credit can be given where it’s due.

With regard to clearing, please adhere to the standards set forth by the US Forest Service. Please cut logs back to four feet from the center line of the trail whenever possible. This is sometimes a point of contention but please do the best you can. Most often, it results in the same number of cuts. Cutting the trail to barely get your bike through results in someone else having to re cut the trail which creates a huge waste of resources. Also please consider carrying pruners. A lot of these trails (especially those in burned areas) are in dire need of pruning. Pruners are cheap and easy to carry in a pocket. CITRA and CIMBA both own several packable shovels and hoes as well. Feel free to ask to borrow them to help with dirt work. Keeping these trails viable requires not only cutting but tread work and erosion control.

Please complete the form below and fill it out completely. If not complete, we won’t be able to use the information. Thank you!


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